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Our Story

     The Bagel Bar Cafe was established in 1994 by Christine Kreisher.  She started the business on a dare by Bob, a local bike shop owner.  Bob dared Christine to sell bagels and coffee out of his shop, The Bicycle Den.  Christine's husband, Jim, and his father, Jim Sr., built her a "bar" in the front window of the bike shop.  Hence the name, "The Bagel Bar in the Bicycle Den."
      Business took off and within a year, The Bagel Bar moved across the street into a larger retail space.  Within just two years, lines formed out the door and down the block.  It was obvious that an even larger location was needed.  In 1997, the business moved into it's current location at 214 West Main Street.  It was then that Jim, Christine's husband, joined the team and the name was changed to "The Bagel Bar Cafe".  The menu was expanded adding a full espresso bar, frozen drink specials, smoothies, bulk coffee beans, 12+ varieties of flavored cream cheeses and spreads, and additional sandwich choices including wraps and pizza bagels!
     We remain a staple of Kutztown to this day, serving the needs of our community and continually striving to make all of our guests feel at home away from home for just a few minutes everyday.


The Patriot

December 19, 1996

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